by Issfenn

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released April 26, 2019

Xost: guitars on all tracks; vocals on 1-7; bass on 2-5, 7
Vitrid: drums on all tracks; vocals on 5, 8; bass on 1, 6, 8; piano

Produced by Xost and Vitrid
Recorded at THE BLOOD BATH, Montréal
Mixed by Vitrid at HVERGELMIR RECORDS, Montréal
Mastered by Colin Marston at MENEGROTH, THE THOUSAND CAVES, New York
Cover artwork and album design by Xost


all rights reserved



Issfenn Montréal, Québec

Issfenn is a two-piece black metal band from Montreal, driven by a principle of maximal output from minimal means.

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Track Name: White Death
Thunderclap piercing a hole in the sky
Growling drums pounding heavy from inside
Death's call echoes from the glorious summit
Slopes of Mordwand; avalanche rite

I call upon White Death's strength
Wipe with the might of revenge
Storm, rise and fall, swallowing
Crush, all at one, burying

Fall, chaos frost, blizzard breath
Entomb everyone in frozen death
Ice sepulchre sculpted
At last as White Death is summoned

Moon-freezing crystal pierces us with your spear
Eat with your burning cold into our bones
Erase our roots with the rise of the throne
And proudly reveal sharp edges of stone
Track Name: Saturn Return
Feel a change in my bones
Feel the moment I grow old
Drawn, Death's gravity hegemony

Drift through middle age
Wisdom far ahead
Youth, color slowly fades behind

Herald of cosmic seas
Within orbital cage
Appear to me, I know you circle me

Planetary Lord, Astronomical
Return, expose to us the true visage of time

Rebirth in coarse and clean volcanic flesh
From regions as far below Hell
As Heaven is above the earth

Still chant the starry choir
Cynosure gone astray
Threnody to aging husk, in Erebus bound no more

Saturn return

Embrace the ageing flesh and mind
Embrace the thorns digging into the spine
Embrace the aching grip of time
Embrace Death that slowly rises

Rotting in time
Cycles awry
Spinning around
Direction unbound
Track Name: Within its Throat of Ice
Stabbing the clouds impaling spear
Rises a moon eclipsing peak
Tempest razoring the pier
Jutting cold surface oblique

Near its summit a glacial breath
Jaws silhouette howling death
Gust a wind, abysmal frost
Scale with entropy crest embossed

We call wintry storm
Breath of frozen realm
Pandemonium roar
Let the spirit scream

A tomb in which to keep
Monument to time
Protected by a siege
Hoarfrost armour rhyme

For ages and ages
Breath will keep the wind alive
Trapped within its throat of ice
Restless frozen heart in cage
Track Name: Down in the Abyss, Roar the Satanic
It bursts the realm, it splits the earth
It ravages all the surface world
It roams beneath the living land
Hellfire burning deep in the damned

Down in the abyss, roar the Satanic

It promotes the left-hand path
It grows to form the Devil's horns
It forces further into sin
Cry seditious serpent hymn

Down in the abyss, roar the Satanic

Forge an alliance, to conquer above and rule from below
Open the gate, illuminate, under black flame incendiate

Scorch the betrayed land
The squall that purges all

Sepulchers stir; disinter; obscure it still lives
Clad in night; faces white; under black flame, we ignite

The thunder throng in unison
Scream decrees from the forgotten thrones

Once individual
Now indivisible
A mountain from countless shards

Lords of chaos
Let ring the chord
Immortal hordes thrive

We let the demons out
Loud cries from Hell itself
We smelt the stone, we freeze the fire
Black metal molten on the pyre

Down in the abyss, roar the Satanic
Track Name: The Feast
Wolves gather / round a throne / on a dais / made of stone
Baphomet presides
A profane / ritual / on the altar / on the grill
The cauldron gazes into you
As above / so below / so the shadow / is a show
Under steaming velvet veil
In the grave / in the cradle / with a wave / of a ladle
The ceremony begins

Autoharuspicy, see your own guts in the meal
The offal truth revealed
By the laws / of disorder / in a country / with no border
Flesh and fat as brick and mortar
For the bravest / of the fools / by the folly / of the rules
In hand the proper tools
For the glutton / for the waif / will you fit / in your grave
And now the master is the slave

Eat of my flesh, drink my blood
Turning the spit, dripping oil
Gold and blood, spirits to slake, glutton's lust

Sing along, for a last song, for the main course
As if nothing's wrong
When all's done and the song's sung
Seat of honor now a platter

Come, towards the light
Where there's light there's heat
Cooking meat

At the eve / at the dawn / with a yell / with a yawn
Finally the curtain drawn
Like the pigs / of Manannan / or the swine / Sachrimnir
Willing victim sacrifice
To the teeth / to the jowls / link the mind / and the bowels
Now the cheers have turned to howls
Only man / only beast / only famine / at the feast
Only hunger never rests in peace
Track Name: Freefall in a Wishing Well
Downward, over the hill
Like beasts to oasis, crawl to the well

Glimpse your reflection
Shallow gaze stops at the surface
Only see yourself...

... Suffering, drowning infinitely, vanishing

Blind as your image; Leap of faith
Throw yourself in the pit
End your...

... Suffering, drowning infinitely, vanishing

No lies left to scream
Stagnant promises fill your lungs
Follow your dreams into the well
Freefall in the bowels of Hell

Heavy is the lie, that drags you down the well
Blackening the sky; all you see is Hell

Hell is deaf to prayer
Promising a debt
Debt that drags you deeper
Swallowed by regrets

Heavy is the lie, that drags you down the well
Blackening the sky; all you see is Hell

Every wish bone is broken; Every shooter star fallen
Every lucky coin tarnished; Every empty fountain dry
Infinite torment; Undying pain
In the black flame; Deceit and shame

No answer is ever heard; No heaven appears in sight
No future offers relief; No wishes will be granted
Infinite torment; Undying pain
In the black flame; Deceit and shame

Abandon all hope who enter here
And be released
Track Name: Thorns
Filthy prose concealed with roses
Catalyst of dissolution

Scars of war swell
Lasting reward

Harvests from hate and clever seed
Bloom a traitorous bouquet
Through a charming vivid dress
Sting, the devil's teeth

War is created
A vestige, a vision
Of hatred, of horror
Of passion
Astringent asylum turns ashen

Lure of gain and greed
Leads to a foolish defeat
True visage revealed
Shred, the devil's claws

Scars are constructed
In strata, accreted
Inflicted and plaited
Stripping, serrated
Scourging till sated

Heroes will fall over time
Like withered petals crumbling
And dirty barren lands extend
And yet we stand even when only thorns remain

Gracious destroyer
Beligerent caress
Faded flowers
Of death's bowers
Track Name: Throne of Frozen Blood
Wash over me, nostalgic ablution to thaw
Bleed over me, carbon memory sharp to a flaw
Blow off the dust, revel in the scent of iron rust
A patina flakes and my body's compelled to

March! Strike! Bleed! Die!

Calling to war the horns through the mist
Ache of the millstone for which we are grist
Running out red we nourish the glade
Spilling a sigh from the edge of the blade

March! Strike! Bleed! Die!

Trumpets distract from the sickening din
Orders to serve are the freedom to sin
Glimpsing a ray through the meshwork of Hell
Drowning the day in a fog that envelopes us all

Almost alive, in the jaws of defeat
Almost alive, where the flesh fails the weak
And time, claims the spoils
The mind, writhes and roils

Then, a fresh drop fell

Sense pulse, tidal swell, single drop, sound a knell of
Rage! Shame!
Everything tinted red, channeling, totemic
Rage! Shame!

All hold the line, no matter how many die
All move forward; among us there are no cowards

Kinship with, former self, ragged breath, slip into the
Dream! Doom!
Spilling blood, any source, bonded to, inertial
Dream! Doom!

Now all that is gone
Of scars and stains
Only shame remains

Heed autumn's coloured warning
And leave this field
Covered in ice

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